Amsterdam Master of Physics and Astronomy 2016


13:30hWim VassenWelcome
13:40hWouter Buijsman (Theory) Chaoticity in a Generalized Dicke Model
14:00hRuben Jaarsma (GRAPPA) Hunting New Physics at the LHC High-Precision Frontier
14:20hVerena Neder (SFES) Wide-Angle Graded Metasurface Retroreflector
14:40hNamrata Dutta Mazumdar (AMEP) Towards Quantum Degeneracy: Rebuilding a potassium quantum gas apparatus
15:20hCoen Neijssel (A&A) Period evolution of binaries containing at least one MS massive star
15:40hLeon Schoonderwoerd (Theory) The power of tensor networks
16:00hLaura van Huizen (PLH) Assessment of breast tumor tissue using THG microscopy
16:20hAudience vote
16:40hPrize award
17:00hFree drinks at Aik until 18:00h